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Anacapa Sciences, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation formed in 1969 by Jim McGrath, Ted Parker and Doug Harris to improve human performance in systems and organizations. From the first day of the company's existence, the three founders prepared and submitted proposals to government agencies and business organizations for the conduct of research projects in support of their programs. They received their first two contracts, both on the same day, about nine months later.

During the past five decades, Anacapa Sciences, Inc., has completed more than 1,000 separate projects for more than 250 government agencies, nonprofit institutions and commercial organizations throughout the world. For example, projects have been conducted for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Royal Aircraft Establishment of the United Kingdom, the Electric Power Research Institute, the Army Research Institute, the US Department of Transportation, the Singapore Police, the London Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard), the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Special Operations Command, Hughes Training, Inc., State Farm Insurance Companies, and the University of North Carolina.

Starting in 1971, the company developed techniques for the analysis of criminal intelligence, and prepared and conducted courses throughout the world in their application to the understanding and combat of complex criminal activity and terrorism.

Projects have required the application of staff capabilities in the following areas.

System, Job, and Task Analysis
Behavioral Research and Analysis
Training Research and Development
Consumer Perception and Satisfaction
Analysis of Risks, Errors, and Accidents
Development of Models and Simulations
Usability Testing, Evaluation, and Design
Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering
Preparation and Conduct of Training Courses and Seminars
Intelligence Analysis and Development of Analytical Methods

Anacapa is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Corporate officers are:
Douglas H. Harris, Chairman email
Jack W. Stuster, President email
Barbara A. Gates, Corporate Administratoremail

Anacapa is the Chumash Indian word for an island off the coast of Santa Barbara, California; it means "visible through the fog."

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