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Anacapa Avatars™
Anacapa Sciences, Inc. offers a variety of pre-designed and custom 3D models, including low-polygon models optimized for real-time simulation and gaming and high-polygon models for animated multimedia training and other applications.

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Mobile Officer's Assistant (MOA)
The Mobile Officer's Assistant (MOA) is a system of hand-held computers that enhances the security of law enforcement officers and facilitates the writing of citations and the transmitting of information to police and court information systems. MOA obtains information on registration violations, stolen vehicles, and outstanding warrants almost instantly and without involving busy dispatchers and radio channels. MOA captures data from the magnetic stripes or bar codes on drivers' licenses and uses the information to create a traffic citation automatically. Officers may use drop-down menus, a soft keyboard, and/or handwriting recognition to enter data. Motorists sign their names on the computer screen, and then the electronic tickets are "beamed" to a portable printer that produces a paper copy for the motorist. MOA instantly transmits a digital version of the citation to police headquarters and the courts for timely processing, and without further human intervention. The system was initially tested in San Francisco, California, and is now in operation in Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Unsafe Driving Acts of Motorists in the Vicinity of Large Trucks
This 17-minute training video was produced for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), based on research conducted previously by Anacapa Sciences for the Office of Motor Carriers. The video explains the performance limitations of large commercial vehicles and illustrates the unsafe driving acts of motorists that lead to collisions with large trucks on the road. Although primarily intended for viewing by novice drivers, all motorists can benefit from the video, regardless of their level of experience or the type of vehicle they drive.

The video is available free of charge from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in an effort to reduce the incidence of crashes involving passenger vehicles and large trucks.

To order a free copy of the video write to: or

call 1-877-SAFE-TRK (1-877-723-3875) or


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Originally developed as a helicopter flight simulator, PRISMS demonstrates helmet-mounted display (HMD) symbology and provides capabilities for knowledge acquisition, experimental control, and data recording. Features include realistic terrain gaming, multiple moving targets, photo-textured objects, 3D sound, voice synthesis and recognition, and full flight controls. PRISMS offers an immersive approach with an opaque visor, providing an effective virtual reality experience, as well as an accurate head tracker so that symbology positioning and behavior is appropriately slaved to the user's head movements. The system is configured to simulate flight through terrain generated from digital terrain elevation data bases.

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Detection of Alcohol-Impaired Drivers on the Highway
Anacapa research identified and validated a set of behavioral cues that can help patrol officers to detect vehicle operators with blood-alcohol concentrations (BACs) at 0.08 and above. A detection guide and associated training video was developed to instruct law enforcement officers in the accurate detection of alcohol-impaired drivers.

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Compact Computer Aid for Maintenance (CCAM)
CCAM stands for Compact Computer Aid for Maintenance. CCAM was created for use by mechanical maintenance personnel who are responsible for repairing the nation's 100 or so nuclear power plants. CCAM development was funded by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the R&D arm of the US power industry. CCAM is a ruggedized, handheld computer that maintenance personnel can use to help automate several of their most challenging measurement and calculation tasks. CCAM was developed through a comprehensive series of surveys, observations, interviews, demonstrations, and field tests. The video explains in detail the technical activities associated with each of these steps.

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